Recent Projects



This website will continue for quite a while so it can re-direct you to our new site, but please do not post or comment on this site – go to where we will be happy to hear from you and you can find all of Tony Lidington’s and Prom-Prom’s up-to-date information on shows, radio, pantomime, tours, community events and developing projects and also contact us.

Many, many thanks to Katie “Bunny” Tranter who set this  site up for Tony Lidington and Prom-Prom and took many of the photos and made several of the videos too. Please visit Katie’s website  here.

The Apple Fair: Prom-Prom are collaborating with The Common Players to produce a series of Apple Fairs in Devon this Autumn…’Pomona’ the apple press, Uncle’s Imaginarium, the Dom-Tink!, The Apple Olympics, songs, stories and an apple mumming play are all featured. We hope this will be a model for future apple-related projects in 2013 and beyond. The events took place in Magelake Uffculme, Broadclyst and Dawlish over the last few weeks.

Gripping Yarns

Tony Lidington recently directed 12 monologues at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM). 72 performances were given over one weekend – featuring 4 local actors in an eclectic collection of new writing varying in theme from gay marriage to a stuffed, talking moose! It was a big hit with regular museum-goers, as well as those who came just to see the shows and we are already trying to plan Prom-Prom’s next project with RAMM in the near future.

Katie”Bunny” Tranter popped along to the RAMM to offer her very best stewarding skills and to watch the shows. She said “I managed to see all 12 of the shows and particularly enjoyed David Reakes’ King George hunting tigers in India and Anthony Richards’ “Moose Talk” complete with topical Moose jokes. It was incredible to see a museum space come to life all around the visitors as they walked through.


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