Poppets Puppets



This wordpress.com website will continue for quite a while so it can re-direct you to our new site, but please do not post or comment on this site – go to www.prom-prom.com where we will be happy to hear from you and you can find all of Tony Lidington’s and Prom-Prom’s up-to-date information on shows, radio, pantomime, tours, community events and developing projects and also contact us.

Many, many thanks to Katie “Bunny” Tranter who set this wordpress.com  site up for Tony Lidington and Prom-Prom and took many of the photos and made several of the videos too.Please visit Katie’s website  here.

Poppets Puppets were formed in 1998 by Tony Lidington & Gary Bridgens. Tony and Gary have worked together for over 15 years with the nationally-renowned Pierrotters the last remaining professional seaside Pierrot troupe in Britain.

Poppets Puppets have played to many thousands of children at festivals such as Sidmouth International Folk Festival and Bradford Festival. Shakespeare’s Globe – as part of Shakespeares birthday celebrations. Llangollen International Eisteddfod. Seaside’s such as Morecambe, Filey, Whitby and Margate, Eureka! The Museum for Children and other corporate and community events.

Poppets Puppets isn’t on tour this year. However you can watch some of their routines by following the links below!

The Owl and the Pussycat

Poppets Intro Song


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